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More and more learning

Learning Unlimited, as its name suggests, knows no bounds. The company of seven, which produces workshops and publications to help Scottish youngsters learn how to learn and Scottish teachers learn how to teach them to learn, has joined the much larger Cambridge Education, best known for its work in leadership and management.

It's not so much a merger as a marriage, said Marian Brooks, director of Cambridge, or a menage a trois, she added hastily, since Cambridge is owned by Mott MacDonald, a global manage-ment, engineering and develop-ment consultancy with 12,000 staff across 140 countries.

So what does engineering have to do with Learning Unlimited? Well, according to marketing and sales director Colin Young, Mott MacDonald can go to Third World countries and use its engineering skills to take water to remote villages, while its education arm can help teach the inhabitants.

And the benefits for Learning Unlimited? Bigger investment and a wider international market, said co-founder and director Ian Smith. The brand name will not change.


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