More bad news for SCCC

THE CHORUS of education authority hostility to the secondary school curriculum guidelines, currently out for consultation, continued this week.

Perth and Kinross describes the suggested design, drawn up by the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum, as "bedevilled by a series of paradoxes and tensions". The proposals are said to be too prescriptive and unquestioning of a fragmented, subject-based curriculum.

East Renfrewshire dismisses the lack of "a sound planning tool". It adds that, while there is much sensible advice and some acceptable principles, the revised guidelines "did not live up to our expectations".

They represent "a utopian model which takes little account of dysfunctional families, deprivation or the alienated pupil".

Midlothian says there are welcome improvements on the 1989 guidelines. But it criticises the S1-S2 framework as being "so well-balanced that it may be seen to fudge important issues", while the S3-S4 design fails to acknowledge the "genuine tension" between the need to ensure equality of opportunity and curricular relevance.

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