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More than books;Letter

Congratulations on your campaign for liberating libraries. The erosion of library services robs children and adults of one of the richest educational resources.

My own education owes as much to weekly visits to the public library as to school. Our father took us after supper on Sunday to the local library in Edinburgh, which closed "early" at 8pm. During the week it closed at 10pm, the same time as pubs. The library opened a whole new world.

At Sussex University, we set up a "library of enthusiasms" - to join the library, people lent books that inspired them. We called it the "street library", because it was the sort of library people could set up with their neighbours. There is a lot more to libraries than books.

Titus Alexander, Chair Charter for Global Democracy and Westminster United Nations Association, 32 Carisbrooke Road, London E17

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