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More dilemmas and strategies...

The new head of this school got rid of the head of humanities at Christmas after a lot of acrimony. Since then she has telephoned colleagues in great distress complaining that she has been accused of gross misconduct.

Now it's my turn. I'm a male teacher but not immune from this kind of treatment - I've been given a letter dismissing me on very shaky grounds and I face redundancy from August 31. I am hoping that my union, the NASUWT, will take an interest. The unions must make bullying a collective issue instead of treating each individual case as an isolated one.

They may have overworked regional officers but they also have legal expertise which they should use. I certainly will go all the way to an industrial tribunal to avoid loss of livelihood and full pension rights at the hands of a cheat and a bully.

* I am a primary teacher of 17 years experience (two of which are in my current post) and I have just had unjust disciplinary action taken against me with little union support. This situation has had, and is having, an adverse effect on my health. My supportive friends say I must get out of my school but my dilemma is what to do.

* Having had a similar experience 16 years ago, I can only reflect on my routes and strategy plans which eventually succeeded.

First, I acquired a good therapist Second, I applied for new jobs Third, once appointed to a new job and having gained confidence, I began to consider other careers.

I had six more happy years in teaching and then "opted out" to start my own business. This has now been running for seven years. It can be done!

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