More 'enrichment' spreads across the Borders

The report on August 22 by Elizabeth Buie on the Feuerstein instrumental enrichment evaluation was excellent. Considerable progress has been made in implementing IE in Scottish Borders schools since the evaluation report was published and I thought it would be useful to provide an update.

There are now 150 teachers trained in IE, 20 multi-agency workers and 20 further education lecturers from Borders College. This session, there are a further 40 teachers training in IE and another 20 FE lecturers. A number of schools have introduced instrumental enrichment through the curriculum.

Of particular interest is a pilot project in Kelso High which involves IE being taught to all S1 pupils through English, maths and religious and moral education. This is a very good example of inter-disciplinary work for A Curriculum for Excellence, and Schools Minister Maureen Watt observed IE being taught in all three subjects in Kelso High on August 27.

Borders has its own IE trainer (me), which will reduce costs. In addition, three primaries are working with parents on mediated learning which enhances the IE programme taking place in schools.

Anne-Theresa Lawrie, depute head, teaching and learning, Langlee Complex, Galashiels.

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