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More fonics fun

It's eezee ta mok foniks, az jon orltan did, izant it ("Finking of phonics", Letters, TES, 29 June)? and it wood werk much betar if inglish had kansistant speling sistam, liek finish - miend yue, then wee'd haf tue agree on wich aksent ta reprizent. meenwail, skeptiks need tue aknolij that tha riserch evidans kleerlee shoez that sistamatik foniks instrukshan inaebalz boeth normalee-divelaping childran and thoez at risk av faelya ta maek beta proegres in akyarat werd rekagnishan than unsistamatik or noe foniks instrukshan - praviedid it's imbedid in a brord and rich langwij and litrasee karikyalam, and yuezd oenlee at tha veree bigining and maenlee on dekoedabal werdz, and not in iesalaeshan, az thee "foniks chek" wil undautidlee inkurij.

Greg Brooks, aemeritus prafesar av ejuekaeshan, yueniversitee av shefeeld.

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