More than my share

Q: I have just started my first post and am doing a good job of filling the head of department's shoes. My position is being reviewed shortly. What should I expectpush for as a pay increase? At the moment, they are getting a head of department for the pay of a newly qualified teacher, and have done from the start of term. This is wrong in my opinion.

A: Do you mean that you are covering the timetable and leadership role normally associated with a head of department post? If so, you should be paid for the work that is required of you at the normal rate for the job.

You can be given a temporary allowance on top of your basic salary. Any payment should be backdated to the point where you took on the responsibility.

However, NQTs shouldn't, as a rule, take on responsibility for other staff.

Nevertheless, in departments where there is sometimes only one full-time specialist post, this is often a problem. Normally, schools aggregate these subjects into larger groupings. This is clearly something the school will have been thinking about during the staffing review they have been conducting this term. If there is a head of department in post who isn't functioning effectively, there is no way you should be doing their work, even if asked.

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