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More pay for secondary heads

THE CREATION of "assistant head" positions is proposed in a review body report on pay for heads and deputies.

The consultation document also suggests changing the way the heads' pay range is determined by having a new job weighting based upon pupil numbers and national curriculum key stages.

According to a report by KMPG Management Consulting, commissioned by the School Teachers' Review Body, the new weighting will recognise the demands placed on heads by key stages 3 and 4 and will narrow the gap between primary and secondary schools.

Its report noted the "challenges posed by pupils during their adolescent years". KPMG also recommended that heads who have to cope with extreme circumstances should be paid more.

Once the pay range is decided, a governing body will place the head within this five or six-point range and in subsequent years can increase the salary based on performance criteria.

The report said: "Schools, particularly in the secondary sector, are increasingly being led and managed by senior management teams, one or more of whom may be deputies.

"Pay arrangements to heads and deputies should be capable of extension to teachers who are members of such teams with a strategic responsibility for the leadership of the school."

Heads and deputies are paid on a 51-point scale with ranges of pay based upon the number of pupils in the school.

The review body had been asked by the Education Secretary, to take note of the problem in recruiting primary heads, but decided instead to look at a comprehensive review for all heads.

The pay for heads of special schools would have to take account of the severity of the learning and behaviour difficulties of their pupils.

The review consultation ends on September 11.

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