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Motivated by the Jakes of the classroom

The article about Jake ("YouTube taught pupil who was beyond teaching", October 1) moved me so much that I had to write to you to share my views. I have been a secondary teacher for only four years and so my passion for it is still strong and I hope never waivers.

I agree with Geoff Brookes that there are some pupils like Jake who, no matter what we do, in their eyes we can offer them nothing.

However, what ensures we never give up is that for every Jake there are five others who will let us in and don't need to be thumped by a cage fighter in drag to see that everything has a consequence and that it is OK to be a good person.

I have been fortunate enough to teach such young people, though I have met some Jakes, too, and I hope my patience and calm will continue for many more years because it is these kids that motivate me to do this job. But as one colleague told me, unfortunately we can't win them all, but we keep trying - just in case!

Rachel Kerry, Modern foreign languages teacher.

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