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Age 4-11

Each week, choose two pupils who will be the golden children. They can do the special jobs, sit on a special golden chair or wear a badge or crown (depending on age).

In the classroom, put a golden box where the other pupils can place notes telling the golden children special things about themselves - such as, "she is very kind". Teachers can write the notes for the younger children.

On Friday, read the notes to the child and present the child with a certificate telling them all the wonderful things about themselves. Watch their self-esteem grow through the week.

One child I taught was really shy and quiet. On Friday, he looked down at the floor as the children began to tell him all his good points. Slowly he looked up and by the end of the session he was grinning from ear to ear.

Obviously, it's rather important that we, as teachers, encourage children and share their good points with them. However, if you get all the children on board you have 30 different mentors to encourage the other members of the class Julie Puxley teaches at Elsenham C of E primary in Hertfordshire and won this year's BT Teaching Award for Teacher of the Year in a primary school

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