Motivation, motivation, motivation

(Photograph) - Motivation, motivation, motivation : pupil motivation is the latest issue to come under the scrutiny of the Scottish Parliament's education committee, partly as a result of its deliberations on the school curriculum.

"Unfortunately, many children and young people are not seeing school as something that offers them anything meaningful or useful," Robert Brown, the committee's convener, said.

"We want to gain a better understanding of the scale of the problem.

Perhaps more importantly, we want to know what can be done to tackle it."

Among the factors the committee wants to look at are the impact of pupils' experiences outside school, how to spot early signs that pupils are becoming disaffected, the kinds of effective teaching that have a motivating influence, and the extent to which an alternative curriculum might help.

Submissions to the committee can be emailed to education@scottish.parliament.ukto arrive by February 4, 2005.

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