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On the move


Bicton (Agriculture) Marion Pymar,

formerly curriculumdevelopmentco-ordinator atWeymouth, is director of


Bournemouthand Poole

Bob Warren isdirector of resources

City, Norwich

Keith Finney became assistant principal, external affairs in September. He

was director of marketing and business development at Coventry Technical

City Lit

Julian Gravatt, formerly director of policy and administration at Lewisham,

joins as director of finance

Ealing Tertiary

Andrew Murdock, director of finance, is director of resources and

information; Martin Rowland, director of quality and planning, becomes

director of curriculum and quality

Greenhead SFC

Elaine Maynard became head of modern languages in September. She joined

from Huddersfield New College


Tom Cooper becomes vice-principal, curriculum and strategy. He joins from

London Borough of Harrow where he was community and youth services manager


Chris Vesey,formerly at Barnet, becomes deputy principal, director of

academic affairs;

Alan Wright is director of corporate services. He joins from HSBC; Geoff

Sorrell is promoted to director of planning and enterprise. He was academic

planning officer; Tim Potter, director of quality, becomes director of

curriculum and quality; Meena Wood, of Southwark, becomes rincipal of the

adult college; Morag O'Hagan becomes director of marketing and


North West Kent

Geoffrey Parrett joins from industry, becoming director of finance and


Newham SFC

Claire Shire is senior college manager for internal services. She was head

of student services at Westminster Kingsway

Solihull SFC

Eric Swales is head of communication and arts faculty.

Stow, Glasgow

Robert McGrory, depute principal, becomes chief executive and principal

St Brendan's SFC

Ann Barrow, formerly head of A-level studies at Strode, becomes



David Percival, principal of Northampton, becomes principal in December

following the retirement of Guardino Rospigliosi


(Art and Design)

Jeremy Lucas, director of finance and administration joins from Devonport

Management Limited

Warwickshire Richard Collins becomes director of international and domestic

sales and marketing. He was marketing director at Pembrokeshire

West Nottinghamshire

Chris Bradley, development manager, quality, becomes curriculum manager,

technology; Sue Knight is the new development manager for higher education,

joining from Boston


Sara Barraclough, formerly director of registry at Newcastle, becomes

director of research and product development

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