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Move for one union grows

I read "Members ballot on single union" (TES, March 7) with interest. Professional Unity 2000 has, in fact, already distributed 40,000 copies of our broadsheet unity, not 6,000. Our number of teacher associations has now reached 37. Many individual schools have affiliated at a cost of Pounds 10 per annum, and individual associate membership costs Pounds 5 per annum.

The National Union of Teachers' national opinion poll found a majority of teachers in favour of one union. Nigel de Gruchy of the NASUWT might be interested to know this included his own members, of whom only 30 per cent were against (only 10 per cent higher than the NUT.) HANK ROBERTS

Oranising secretary, Professional Unity 2000 Copland community school Wembley, Middlesex

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