Moving on

The learning disability charity Enable Scotland has produced a free CD-Rom for school-leavers with disabilities moving out into adult life. Make the Move covers topics such as work, leisure and health, and young people can move through it at their own pace.

Only one in 20 people with disabilities are in employment, despite a third saying they would like to work, and the transition to adult life can be really hard, says Elaine Darling, executive director of Enable Scotland.

"Many young people leave a happy school life behind to sit in a day centre with people who are much older than them. Others end up on college courses that don't prepare them for work.

"We believe the first step in changing this is letting them know what their options are."

The CD-Rom was produced by Enable Scotland, with support from Careers Scotland, Down's Syndrome Scotland, Pamis (Profound and Multiple Impairment Service) and Fair (Family Advice and Information Resources), in response to complaints about a lack of materials.

A free copy has been sent to every school and further education college in Scotland. Anyone who would like a free copy, can contact Enable.

T: 0141 226 4541; E:

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