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Mr Gove, apologise for your maths blunder

As a maths teacher with 18 years' experience, I was incensed by Michael Gove's suggestion this week that all pupils can achieve a grade C in maths with a score of just 35 per cent. This demeans the efforts of those who have to work extremely hard to achieve this result, as mathematics does not come naturally to all.

It shows a complete lack of insight into the education system and the curriculum for maths. There are two tiers of entry for the GCSE exam, and although on the higher-tier paper pupils can achieve a grade C with just 35 per cent, Mr Gove has to understand that only 40 per cent of the paper is graded at a C grade or below. The other 60 per cent is at grades B to A*. It is therefore not unreasonable to award a pupil with a score of 35 per cent a grade C in this circumstance because it shows that they can answer the majority of questions that are at grade-C standard.

I would further point out that the majority of pupils who are only working at grade C will sit the foundation paper, which covers grades G to C and where the percentage required to achieve a grade C is around the 75 per cent mark. I would like to see Mr Gove apologise to the teaching profession for this blunder.

Janet McMaster, Maths teacher.

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