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Mr Stamp, Miss Tic and Mrs Wardrobe


Do you remember all those little quirks your teachers had when you were at school? Well I thought I was clear of these until I got talking to my Year 11s on a skiing trip. Apparently, when I'm about to tell someone off I walk in a funny wayI "the purposeful walk", as one of my pupils put it. Anyone else?


I hang my head in shame - I stamp my foot when riled. One of my friends called it "the angry sheep". But the kids do quieten down - they're probably worried that I might do it on their heads.


I was surprised to find that the kids in my Year 11 class could describe almost everything I had ever worn to work. I didn't have the guts to ask whether my taste in clothes was "rated" by them.

At the same time, I did happen to learn that a particular teacher (not me, by the way) wears the same clothes repeatedly. Actually, I hadn't noticed this at all but it was true. My comment to these picky pupils was: "If you could only pay as much attention to yourcoursework." But then I went out and bought a load of new work clothes. Sad or what?


It's been noted already on my teaching practice that I pace up and down the classroom while I'm teaching. Apparently, I give the children neckache.


I twiddle with my hair - it's quite long and when I'm hearing group readers or at the board I'll start winding strands round my fingers. When Inoticed all the girls doing it, Ithought it was time I didsomething about it. Now I wear my hair in a bun so I can't get at it, but the girls are putting their hair up too. I'm either verging on cultstatus or they're going to take the mickey out of all my hairstyles.


My Year 11 tutor group made me cry during one registration - very weedy, I know. The next day I was given three bunches of flowers and two cards. I nearly cried again. For the rest of the year, if I seemed a bit stressed, one lad used to say:"Oh no, she's gonna cry again."


One of my Year 10s saw me being asked for ID in Sainsbury's while trying to buy a bottle of wine. My respect went right out the window.

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