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Mrs Henderson Presents DVD

Starring Dame Judi Dench, Bob Hoskins and musician Will Young in his first major film role, Mrs Henderson Presents is a wonderful classic British comedy to lift your spirits. Beginning in the late 1930s, it tells the story of bored, wealthy widow Laura Henderson (Dench) who buys the derelict Windmill Theatre in London's West End and turns it into an instant success.

When audiences dwindle during the war she takes action to win back the crowds by putting on all-nude revues, to the horror of her theatre manager (Hoskins).

We have 10 copies of Mrs Henderson Presents (available to buy on DVD from Pathe Distribution from March 20 priced pound;19.99) to give away. For your chance to win just answer this question: Dame Judi Dench played which real life character in the film Mrs Brown: a) Queen Mary, or b) Queen Victoria?

Mark your answers coffee machine or Henderson and send them on a postcard to the TES address or by email to Remember to include your contact details. Entries close March 23.

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