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Mrs Sheila Goodreid

A quarter of a century as a volunteer is a pretty impressive record. That's why Mrs Sheila Goodreid from Chawson first school in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, is our hero this week.

Gerry Hughes, the headteacher who nominated her for this week's flowers, champagne and chocolates, says she's in school most days doing anything from washing paint pots to reading with groups, to preparing materials for craft projects. "It would be easier to list the jobs she doesn't do than the jobs she does."

Mrs Goodreid has strong family ties with the school, including a daughter, Sarah, who's now a Year 3 teacher. She's kind and generous and her encouraging words "often make all the difference". In recent years she helped to run a shop; for one memorable school party she provided freezer space for more than 400 ice creams - and paid for the lot herself.

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