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Ms Anne Thrope wastes space

Each week I look forward to receiving my copy of TESS. The new format is better and most articles are informative. But I find those by "(Ms) Anne Thrope" disappointing.

These articles are inane and pointless, verging on the distasteful when she regularly refers to personal hygiene habits or is disparaging towards colleagues, and very often she has no positive suggestions or comments to make at all.

Two months ago, I wrote to complain about her article in the 16 September issue, where she not only referred yet again to bodily hygiene, but was disparaging towards PGCE students, suggesting they didn't know how to discipline pupils - only to go on and state that she was happy to leave them roaming around the toilets until a senior teacher sent them back to her.

But my main complaint was her attitude towards Scots and Scotland. The rampant stereotypes she used did not help at all. She went on to imply that Scotland was not a "civilised country", which was rude. This was not humour; this was someone who had gone too far. To allow this kind of prejudice into print in Scotland is ridiculous - it would never be allowed to be written the other way round. If the views of Ms Anne Thrope are anything to go by, I'm glad I do not live in England any more.

For the past two months I have not read any of her articles, but last Friday I thought I would try it again to see if it had improved. I didn't get past the first paragraph, because in that she manages to equate the disappointment of dog poo on the floor with a young person being thrown out of their house and becoming destitute and on the streets. This lack of compassion is shocking for someone who is meant to demonstrate care and consideration for the young people in her care.

This page is a true waste of paper in a professional magazine. Please replace it with something more productive.

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