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MSPs to the rescue

AS SOMEONE who has supported the SNP at the ballot box for many years, I am surprised to discover that SNP administrations are outdoing councils south of the border. Criteria for closure-threatened schools were established both in Scotland and England in 1998. The English have taken this fully on board, reducing the rate of closures from more than 30 a year to four a year. These schools were closed only as a result of exceptional circumstances. In Scotland, however, the SNP will close seven rural schools in a year if the Scottish Parliament and Jack McConnell let them have their own way.

It is clear to all those who hve studied the criteria for closure- threatened schools that, in the case of St Vigeans School, Angus Council have failed to meet them, leaving our elected representatives in Edinburgh with only one option.

If they are to follow their own policies they must refuse the council permission to close this fully subscribed, cost-effective, popular school.

Because it was at capacity, placement requests for St Vigeans were being refused.

Parents of St Vigeans children know that their pleas for a fair hearing will be taken up in Edinburgh.

Jim Menzies

Railway Cottage

St Vigeans


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