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Much more than a piece of paper

Stephen Petty was spot on ("QTS isn't everything" Comment, 28 September). Why do we always insist on irrelevant qualifications like qualified teacher status? My cousin Barry was absolutely brilliant at building bridges with Lego so who really needs architects, engineers or surveyors? As for psychiatrists, Mandy down the road can talk the hind leg off a donkey and always has time for a chat. Then there's all your meteorologists and climate-thingy people. Why not just use my mate Sid? When it's going to rain, his bunions play up and he's right every time.

Why exactly do teachers need all this fancy, highfalutin' theory about child development, yer Piaget, the history of education, the Montessori woman, pedagogy or any other dodgy-godgy? As long as they are "good with the kids", who really cares? Close all the teacher training colleges, save a shedload of money and heads can just pick people who are "natural teachers". Sorted.

Richard Knights, Liverpool.

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