Mum and dad most admired

A NEW report claims to debunk a host of myths about teenagers.

Research commissioned by the Scout Association indicates that they are more confident, respectful and socially conscious than stereotypes would suggest.

Results were based on an online survey of 1,004 teenagers aged 13-18 across Scotland and the UK. This was a representative sample of young people, although findings also drew from 41 in-depth interviews with members of the Scout Association aged 11-18.

The report uncovers positive attitudes to the family, with mothers and fathers the two people most admired by young people, followed by teachers and youth club leaders.

In contrast, celebrities have little influence, with more than half of respondents saying they had either a negative or no impact on their lives.

Pete Doherty topped the list of bad role models, while Kylie Minogue and David Beckham were the most admired.

Signs of a strong social conscience emerged, with 84 per cent stating that looking after the environment was crucial, and 79 per cent feeling it was important to be well informed on current affairs.

"This report shows teenagers are not all layabouts who see Asbos as badges of honour and have no respect for adults," said Paul McSheffrey, 16, of the Century Explorer Scout Unit, Aberdeen.

The report, commissioned to mark the Scout Association's centenary, also highlighted that boredom was an issue for 68 per cent of respondents. Young people involved in youth or sports clubs, however, were less likely to feel bored, less likely to be bullied and more likely to want to make a difference in the world.

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