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Muppet time at St Brookie;Jotter

A JIM HENSON tribute enlivened the arrival of West Lothian councillors at St Kentigern's Academy, Blackburn, as the touring education committee dossed down in the new wing of the Roman Catholic secondary - officially opened this week on St Pat's Day. Pure coincidence, of course.

Members trooped in to a familiar, rousing refrain from the school band, which probably slipped over the heads of most, amid the coffee and scones. But for a council riven by political chasm between Labour and the SNP, there was only one possible signature tune - the Muppet Show.

Another telly show got in on the act, Brookside. The Channel 4 soap is straying further into reality with key characters confessing to reading difficulties. West Lothian, often a colourful soap itself, is responding by setting up three "Brookie Centres" to handle the expected flood of adults.

SNP lag Eddie Malcolm spied a flaw. "With so many schools and colleges built on hills, should it not be Take the High Road?"

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