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The Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon. A "VE Day Children's Event" on May 8 introduces the opening of the "Anne Frank in the World" exhibition, which will run until June 4. Created by the Anne Frank Centre in Amsterdam, the travelling exhibition presents photographs and documents telling the story of the young Jewish girl who wrote her diary while in hiding from the Nazis. Information about the exhibition is available from the Anne Frank Educational Trust on 0181 950 6476.

Swansea Maritime and Industrial Museum. An "Arms and Armistice" exhibition marking the anniversary of the end of the war presents a collection of military vehicles and uniforms, along with memorabilia from the home front, including propaganda posters and wartime board games. It runs until May 21 and information is on 01792 650351.

The Reminiscence Centre, Blackheath. Visitors to this centre, run by theatre company, Age Exchange, are invited to stroll down a terraced street to observe a VE Day party, in its "When the Lights Go On Again" exhibition, past tables filled with spam sandwiches and jelly. In contrast, there is also a mocked-up bomb-damaged house, with information about rationing and wartime propaganda. The exhibition runs until September with information from 0181 318 9105.

St Albans City Museum. "The Home Front", an exhibition running until October, shows how the war affected people in St Albans, illustrating the period with items that include two popular types of air-raid shelter, one of which has been dug into the museum's garden. Information from 01727 819340.

Imperial War Museum, London. A view of how British subjects lived under Nazi rule is given by "The Channel Islands: Occupation and Liberation 1940-1945". This shows how island life was changed by the occupation, from "Mein Kampf" being put on display in Burton's window to the persecution of Jewish residents. The exhibition runs until October 1 with details available from 0171 735 8922.

The Museum of London. An exhibition comparing life in 1945 to 1995 is to open at the beginning of July. Called "London Looks Forward", the displays will focus on how Londoners of 50 years ago considered the new post-war world, using examples such as the general election campaign of 1945. Information from 0171 600 3699.

The Scotland Street Museum of Education, Glasgow. A tenement flat, furnished and decorated in the style of the Forties, is part of a VE Day exhibition that considers life on the Glasgow home front. For information about this museum, housed in a former school site, ring 0141 429 1202.

The Ulster Museum, Belfast. An exhibition of paintings depicts Northern Ireland's experience of war, focusing on the home front. These include works by Northern Ireland's official war artist, showing scenes such as life in the munitions factories and United States bases. Open until August 20, for information ring 01232 381251.

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