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Music to our ears: Well done DFEE

AT THE beginning of 1998 a major controversy was stirred up by the downgrading of music in the primary school curriculum.

With the publication of the national curriculum orders for 2000, it has become clear that not only has this decision been quietly reversed, but also that singing has been reintroduced as a major element of the activities, a development for which the National Federation of Music Societies, in common with other organisations, has been pushing for some time.

Additionally, the importance of music teaching to amateur activities later in life has ben emphasised for the first time, a very welcome acknowledgement of the crucial place amateur music-making has in our cultural life.

The National Federation of Music Societies would like to congratulate the Department for Education and Employment on this turn of events and would hope that the teaching profession is able to take very seriously its requirement to instruct pupils in this most all-encompassing and inclusive of subjects.

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies


National Federation of Music Societies

7-15 Rosebery Avenue


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