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Product design

What is it?

A well-put-together resource for KS4 product design shared by Makesense52. It covers in some detail the Memphis design movement, focusing on early influences and looking at the motivation of founder Ettore Sottsass.

How does it work?

This PowerPoint presentation goes straight into a timeline which illustrates influences from 1903 to the 1980s. This is a great piece and could be used as a design timeline in its own right. Then there are slides of well-known Memphis pieces, followed by an overview of the design movement. Tasks include Time and Light in which students are encouraged to design a clock or light. This dovetails nicely with an AQA resistant materials brief.

Who will use it?

The PowerPoint would suffice at KS3 and get KS4 pupils thinking, although KS5 would require more rigorous research. I like the focus given to the Carlton Dresser, the most famous Memphis design ever produced, which could be part of a product-analysis session. The Sottsass biography is useful and the way it's all packaged is a great time-saver. My students have not only grasped the design movement, but also features which they call "its rules".

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