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Cheep craft

Looking for inspiration for colourful, crafty Easter ideas? Want to make your classroom look bright as spring approaches? B Small Publishing has released Eggs to meet all your Easter needs.

What is it?

A small book that outlines five crafty ideas for Easter:

- Chocolate egg recipe: pupils turn a real egg into a chocolate one and decorate it as they wish.

- Spring greetings: children use stencils to create cards where eggs and animals pop up to say "Happy Easter" to a loved one.

- Cress eggs: scoop out a hard-boiled egg and fill it with cotton wool and cress seeds. Paint on a face and sit back and watch as the egg grows "hair".

- Hen and eggs: spruce up the classroom with cut-outs of chickens and eggs that can be made into hanging mobiles.

- Decorated eggs: by borrowing customs from the Ukraine and Poland, pupils can learn how other cultures celebrate Easter while creating their own egg art. Why not finish off by hiding the eggs for a hunt around school?

What else?

Whether you are looking for lessons of a spiritual nature or some seasonal fun, check out the TES Easter collection for card making, storytelling and more.

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