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Coloured Kindles

Visually impaired and dyslexic children can feel threatened by the dark screen of the Kindle, which can be hard to read as words appear to move or look fuzzy. But RM Education's new product, READRight, aims to help by adding a coloured transparent filter, which makes words look clearer.

What is it?

A leather cover for the Kindle with a coloured screen, currently available in green, pink or yellow, which allows readers to track and focus on text more easily. A simple product, but with 10 per cent of the population diagnosed with dyslexia, one that will help millions of people take advantage of the Kindle.

Why is it useful?

Do your visually impaired or dyslexic pupils see reading a large book as daunting? With the new coloured screens, they can read in comfort and tackle only one page at a time. Reading becomes more enjoyable and less challenging, allowing them to develop their knowledge rather than worry about words. The READRight is available now for #163;12.98.

What else?

A report from ttrb offers advice on identifying and teaching dyslexic learners. Help pupils read for meaning with languageisheartosay's Widgit story activity.

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