Musical chairs at the SSBA

BACK to the Scottish School Board Association and its Glasgow conference. Flying by the seat of her pants has been one expression associated with chief executive Ann Hill, but she did not expect to land on them.

The pressured chief was up and down to the podium at the finale of the international school board conference, shuffling back to her front row seat in between speaker introductions.

Late arrival big Donald MacDonald, heidie at Newtonmore primary and Highland rp on the association's executive, unfortunately had failed to spot the comings and goings.

Moving swiftly to the front of the hall, he greeted a member of Her Majesty's Press with one hand, while smartly whipping away an apparently empty chair in front with the other.

Without a backwards glance, the luckless Hill attempted to resume her seating position. Alas, without success. The resounding crash told its own story. It pays to watch your back at the SSBA.

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