Muslim campaign is for equal treatment

The article "Jewish and Muslim schools slated" (TES, August 1), asserts that "extremely bad reports" given to two Muslim schools "will do little to advance" the case for state funding for Muslim schools. I beg to differ.

The schools are boarding schools and are therefore unlikely ever to be able to apply for state funding even if they did match the published criteria. Since every application for state funding is (according to the Department for Education and Employment) treated on its own merits, it is erroneous to suggest that two wrong 'uns might persuade the Secretary of State against "Muslim schools" and state funding.

The Jewish school in the article does not, and should not, jeopardise state funding of Jewish schools.

We have always said that if any school, Muslim or other, does not merit state funding on educational grounds, we would never support any such application. Equal, not special, treatment is our aim.


Development officer Association of Muslim Schools, Leicester

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