Muslim primary warns of ghetto

ONE of Britain's first state Islamic schools is considering reserving places for non-Muslim pupils because it has failed to attract pupils from outside the faith.

Governors at Islamia primary in Brent, west London, will meet next week to decide whether to reserve about 5 per cent of its 215 places for pupils of other faiths or none.

Headteacher Abdullah Trevathan said that the ability of the school to attract non-Muslim pupils had been damaged by recent world events.

"We are disappointed. We don't want to be a ghetto. Part of it is down to the current image of Islam," he said.

Religious schools are under increasing pressure to open their doors to all pupils following the Government's decision to promote their expansion. Plans for 15 new faith schools, including two Islamic primaries, are under consideration. There are also proposals to enlarge 21 existing ones.

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