Muslim schools excel in faith league

David Marley

The first data comparing the exam and value-added performance of schools run by different religions are published today by The TES.

Pupils achieve consistently higher results overall in faith schools compared with non-religious community schools at both primary and secondary level.

But the figures are also broken down by faith groups, with Muslim schools performing at the highest levels, according to some measures.

The small number of state Muslim schools top the league tables on raw English results in primary schools and in value-added scores at secondary schools.

Church of England and Roman Catholic schools, the two biggest faith school providers, perform on similar levels, with more than half their pupils achieving five good GCSEs including English and maths. But faith schools have been criticised for failing to accept enough pupils from poorer homes.

Rebecca Allen, a lecturer at the Institute of Education in London, said selecting on religious adherence favours children from more supportive families.

Full reports, News, pages 14-17

Uneasy peace, Magazine, page 10.

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David Marley

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