Muslim success story must be told

Iwould like to assure TES readers that Mr Iftikhar Ahmed (TES, August 2) speaks for few but himself.

Numerous missives Ihave received from him include the same unsupported assertions:

* Multi-cultural schools are generally damaging to Muslim children's sense of identity;

* Muslim children are doing badly at school;

* Muslim parents would like Muslim-majority schools to become faith-based.

I have met no Muslim parents who have made any of these points. I have met many who send their children to evening classes in mosques. I am acquainted with several Muslim couples of different ethnic origins, living within a couple of kilometres of Mr Ahmed's home. London is becoming a melting pot for Muslim people.

In this borough, GCSE results at five A* to G and one A* to G have been beating the English average since 1998 and 1996 respectively. The gap at five A* to C continues to close. It is rare for a child to leave our schools with nothing. The 16-year-olds of every ethnic minority have out-performed the white UK children for even longer.

These realities flatly contradict Mr Ahmed's bleak vision.

Councillor Alan Griffiths Mayor's adviser on education standardsLondon Borough of Newham

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