My brilliant idea - Ou est la porte?

Rosemary Westwell

Languages - Ages 7-11

Using variety and entertainment can make learning vocabulary more fun.

Take a couple of picture magazines and separate the pages. Give a single page to each pupil. Then write a list of seven to 10 new words on the board for pupils to learn, for example, la porte = door, la salle = room and so on.

Pupils can try to imagine ways in which their pictures can be related to the words - the funnier the better. For example, a picture of a garden could be imagined with a secret door. A ship from a large port could be imagined sailing through this door.

In pairs, pupils describe their connections. Then pupils test each other on the words and their meanings, using the pictures as prompts.

Not only will the children enjoy using their imagination in this way, but the vocabulary should stay in their minds for a longer period.

Rosemary Westwell teaches in Cambridgeshire.

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Rosemary Westwell

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