My brilliant idea - Trump tower

General - Ages 12-14

Make revision fun by getting pupils to research, create and then play their own Top Trumps-style card games.

Start by getting them to research a particular topic - famous landmarks, perhaps. They should come up with a list of 30 and decide on six categories on which to score them - height, age, visual impact and so on.

Next, they design and create a pack of cards with each containing a picture of one of the chosen 30 landmarks and its scores in the six categories.

To play: shuffle and deal the cards face down. The pupil to the left of the dealer picks the top card, chooses one of the six categories and reads out its score.

The other players read out their scores in that category (again, only using the card on the top of their pile) and the pupil with the highest score wins the cards and places them all on the bottom of their pile.

This pupil now looks at their next card and chooses a category and the game continues until one player has won all the cards.

Suitable topics for this game could be anything from British Prime Ministers to Shakespearean characters.

Irfan Shah teaches English in Leeds.

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