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My life in books

Andrew Lifford is an English teacher at Portland School in Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Andrew Lifford is an English teacher at Portland School in Worksop, Nottinghamshire

What I'm reading

Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People

By James Borg

ISBN: 978-0273734161


As an English teacher I find it hard to read fiction that is not related to what I'm teaching. Borg describes how body language, listening, and ways to win attention generate success in work and life. I thought I would be able to use his tips with my new classes.

The book I loved as a child

Guinness Book of Records 1997

Edited by Mark C Young

ISBN: 978-0965238304

This was the book I always picked up before going to sleep. It might seem an odd choice, but it offered a window into a strange world. This was a time before Wikipedia-style facts, and I found the information fascinating. It fuelled my thirst for knowledge about the people and places behind these records. The book is jam-packed with brilliant photographs and illustrations, with an easy-to-read lay-out.

Read this before you die

Peace Like a River

By Leif Enger

ISBN: 978-0385602426

This is a beautifully crafted novel that has had a literary and spiritual impact on me. Set in midwest America, it has some of the most original and memorable landscapes I have ever seen committed to page. Narrated by 11-year-old Reuben Land, his younger sister Swede and his janitor father Jeremiah, it offers unique insight into miracles and family relationships. It is being made into a film next year, so I'm glad I've already read the book. It is a truly remarkable masterclass in writing.

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