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My life in books

Sarah Atherton is a Year 2 teacher at St Bernadette's Catholic Primary, Milton Keynes.

What I'm reading

Adrian Mole - The Prostrate Years

By Sue Townsend

Good old Moley - never fails to satisfy. Adrian's diaries could have gone down as the books I loved as a child, but as an adult I am still really into these for pure entertainment value. This diary finds Adrian at a difficult time in his life as he faces trouble with his marriage, uncertainty with his job and problems with his health. As ever, though, Sue Townsend manages to put a light-hearted and often hilarious slant on matters, which had me laughing and crying at the same time.

The book I loved as a child

The Jill stories

By Ruby Ferguson

I loved reading about this girl who was horse-crazy, despite being unable to ride or indeed own a pony. Throughout the series, however, her dreams come true and she becomes the proud owner of a horse and learns to ride against all the odds. The books are set in the past and contain some old-fashioned language which I used to use regularly, much to the amusement of my family. The series is funny and touching in places. A great read for 11-year-olds, whether they are horse lovers or not.

Read this before you die

The Time Traveler's Wife

By Audrey Niffenegger

My friend recommended this to me and the book did not disappoint. To this day I have not seen the film and I am not sure it could live up to my high expectations. The story is romantic, yet more complex and interesting than your average chick lit. It follows the relationship which develops between Henry (the time traveller) and his girlfriend Clare, who has to wait for him to turn up in real time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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