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My life in books

Ciara O'Malley is a Year 1 teacher and literacy co-ordinator at Ark Academy in north-west London

What I'm reading

A Week in December

By Sebastian Faulks

This is one of those books where a lot of characters run in and out of each others' lives. It is such a lovely reflection of London, and of lives in a cosmopolitan city. But it is very different from my life. A lot of it is set in the City. As a teacher, you think so much about education, but Sebastian Faulks is challenging you to think about other things, about the world of financial analysts. It is a bit of an escape. Maybe that is why I'm enjoying it.

The book I loved as a child

Where the Wild Things Are

By Maurice Sendak

I still love this book and I love reading it with the children. I remember reading it the first time and feeling a little bit scared of these monsters on this funny island. But these crazy monsters that you think are going to be really mean are actually passive creatures by the end of the story. It is one of those books you can read again and again, and get swept up in the fantasy world every time.

Read this before you die

Wild Swans

By Jung Chang

I absolutely loved this book - absolutely loved it. It just touched me. It describes three generations of women in China, and is just so removed from any cultural experiences I would have. I like being able to feel that I can access other lives and other cultures. But the story is about women, so I can still relate to it. You can base your opinions about how they coped with different things on your own experiences.

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