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In My Own Time

Ruairidh Nicolson, Social subjects teacher, Musselburgh Grammar

Ruairidh Nicolson, Social subjects teacher, Musselburgh Grammar


I recently read The Forgotten Highlander: My Incredible Story of Survival During the War in the Far East by Alistair Urquhart. In one word - incredible. Mr Urquhart states in the book that his business with Japan remains unfinished, and will remain so until the Japanese government fully accepts its guilt and tells its people what was done in their name. It is difficult and upsetting to read in places, but I'm very grateful to Mr Urquhart for sharing his story. I recently bought an iPad and am looking forward to reading Christopher Brookmyre novels on iBooks over the summer break.


I'm a stickler for a good war film. One of my favourites is Come and See - a war film and psychological horror made in 1985, set during the Nazi occupation of the former Soviet republic of Byelorussia. It was only recently released on DVD. I really enjoy going to the cinema and also like the escapism of a Hollywood blockbuster.


I'm pretty open when it comes to music and enjoy the recommendations of friends who teach music. I love Biffy Clyro's latest album, Only Revolutions, and listen to the Killers' albums regularly. I like going to smaller music festivals and have come across some great acts - in particular, I really like the folk singer Seth Lakeman.


I'm intrinsically interested in politics and really enjoy This Week. I watch Question Time and have started following the debate online through the use of the Twitter hashtag. I'm a huge fan of Have I Got News For You and enjoy Mock the Week. I received the boxset of The Wire as a present and am hoping to make some inroads into it over the break - I have heard good things about it.

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