In My Own Time

Margo Williamson, Head of service (curriculum and service improvement), South Ayrshire Council


- I have eclectic taste: Brian Moore, David Lodge, Margaret Atwood. One of my favourites is Dad by William Wharton, long out of print. Having just returned from San Francisco, I'm reading Mary Ann in Autumn (Tales of the City). I read most of Maupin's tales of the city when younger, and these are really the same colourful, sassy characters grown up. I picked up Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? from Steve Munby at the ADES conference. I love the anecdotes about authenticity being key to a leader's success.


- I'm a big foreign cinema fan. I spend my spare time between Glasgow or Dundee and always find a film at the GFT or DCA worth watching. I like Almodovar, but found The Skin I Live In a tad too weird. Kolya (pictured), Spirit of the Beehive and Blame It On Fidel are great, thanks to amazing child actors. I think I was the only person who didn't get Midnight in Paris - Owen Wilson as a cultured screenwriter, I don't think so. I turn to When Harry Met Sally and Groundhog Day after a hard week.


- I cannot believe I've fallen in love with Chris Evans. On my long drive to work he fills the car with good music and humorous chat. For TV, I cannot get past HBO: The Sopranos, The Wire and Nurse Jackie. Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy (pictured) come close to Tony and Melfi, but I'm usually on my way home when In the Night Garden is on, so I'm thinking of asking for the box set for Christmas.


- Frightened Rabbit or Camera Obscura with breakfast. Stevie Ray Vaughan at the gym. The wind whistling through my office windows at lunch. Chubert or Ray LaMontagne (pictured) with dinner, and JJ Cale with liquor.

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