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In My Own Time

Mark Ripley, S6 pupil and school captain at Calderglen High, East Kilbride

Mark Ripley, S6 pupil and school captain at Calderglen High, East Kilbride


- I am into many genres but recently have been listening to a lot of indie pop. One of my favourite artists is Florence + the Machine and in particular the new album, Ceremonials. The videos for the album are bizarre but they do give extra meaning to the lyrics. I also enjoy pop- rock band Maroon 5, both their upbeat songs such as Moves like Jagger and slower ones like She Will Be Loved.


- I tend to listen to Capital FM because it plays modern pop and dance music, but I also listen to Radio 4 for discussion programmes, particularly Any Questions and Any Answers. If studying, I try not to listen to these stations because I find them distracting, preferring instead Radio 3 or Classic FM.


- I went with a friend to see The Sitter - it was hysterical. That's quite unusual for an American comedy, as I normally find them a bit too slapstick. I didn't enjoy a recent horror movie, The Occupant, as it was really tense and the ending was a letdown. I was interested that in Role Models one character liked to participate in LAIRE, an unusual live-action fantasy role-playing game. While it's portrayed as a nerdy pastime, my friends and I would be interested in taking part - if such a thing exists.


- I love The Big Bang Theory. It's about five room-mates who are exceptionally intelligent but socially awkward and don't know how to behave around people. However, Dexter is my favourite programme. Dexter is a forensics expert who kills murderers that he feels have escaped justice. He has a voice in his mind that he calls the "dark passenger", which he needs to appease by killing. Ironically, his wife is murdered by a serial killer that he was stalking.

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