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In My Own Time

Graham Dickie, headteacher at Kilchrenan Primary, Argyll and Bute

Graham Dickie, headteacher at Kilchrenan Primary, Argyll and Bute


Music is one of my heartbeats. I moonlight as a pianist accompanist (, playing at weddings, hotels, parties, and for Unmistakably Marilyn, a Marilyn Monroe tribute! My taste is eclectic - I sit with the scores of Rautavaara, get lost with the sounds of Mariza and Portuguese fado, and weep with Sibelius. I'm listening to Stacey Kent, but my iPod lists Pink, Lady Gaga, Jools Holland, JPP (Finnish folk), Bjork, Messiaen, Bach, Seasick Steve, Sia, Tsontakis, and James Last (blame my father!)

TV, radio, film

I confess the TV isn't connected - but I still know about Timmy Time and Rastamouse! We really enjoy not having TV and can choose when to use iPlayer to catch up on Hairy Bikers, Simon Hopkinson, QI and documentaries. Mind you, we lose many an evening to DVDs. Despite the moralistic parts, I'm addicted to CSI, and return regularly to Father Ted, Black Books and The Blues Brothers. I love the artistry and power of The Third Man, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and Brief Encounter is a joy to revisit. I do like animation: Flushed Away, Despicable Me and Wall-E. I tend to avoid angst-laden films but will admit to loving The Bridges of Madison County.


l I spend my drive to work listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and read several books at once at home. My recent choices are varied: The Information (James Gleick), Big Bang (Simon Singh), Mistakes Were Made - But Not By Me (Carol Tavris), Inheritance (Christopher Paulini), biogs of Celia Johnson, Nigel Slater and George Mackay Brown, several Haruki Murakamis, and How to Be a Outstanding Primary School Teacher (David Dunn). The one I re-read most is Ladder of Years (Anne Tyler). I shout at the ending but have wanted to live the rest. And my current distraction? www.blipfoto.comgrahamdickie.

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