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In My Own Time

Robert Macmillan, Principal teacher of social studies and citizenship at Lochgelly High, Fife

Robert Macmillan, Principal teacher of social studies and citizenship at Lochgelly High, Fife


Mostly I plod through non-fiction, as I rarely take the time to get involved in fiction - an exception was the Millennium Trilogy of Stieg Larsson - Lisbeth Salander is one of the most fascinating characters I've come across. I've still to dip into anything by Jo Nesbo or the vast collection of crime fiction that my wife has. I am simultaneously reading Adam Lashinsky's Inside Apple, Kenny Dalglish's autobiography and Graham Hunter's new book on FC Barcelona, reflecting my anorak tendency for football and tech.


I can generally tolerate most music, though not the disposable pop of the moment. Like the late Bill Hicks, I prefer musicians that play from their heart to those created by record labels for profit from the pocket money of (pre) teenage girls. Less Justin Bieber more Biffy Clyro.


Modern TV is generally rubbish, so I prefer box sets of US shows like Mad Men, The Wire and 30 Rock, with The Inbetweeners being the highlight of the past few years. As a modern studies teacher and a football fan, I'm generally a news and sport junkie.


As with music, I tend to have eclectic tastes and watch everything from a classic Audrey Hepburn film to the latest Pixar release. I am increasingly likely to spend my time consuming the above on an iPad, when not teaching my 15-week-old daughter how to play Fart Piano on it. Continuing the tech theme, I spend a good bit of time on Twitter, as it's a hugely powerful resource for links, support and advice. That I can be communicating with a government minister one minute and a fellow teacher the next is mind- blowing.

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