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In My Own Time

Russell Pollock, Technical teacher, Islay High

Russell Pollock, Technical teacher, Islay High


- So this is a bit like Desert Island Discs? Well, I already live on an island - just missing the desert part. We have a peat bog, if that will do? I have always been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock (pictured), my favourite film being The Birds. I always suspected birds of being evil, a bit like cats with opposable thumbs. However, when I ended up living on an RSPB sanctuary I decided not to watch it any more, as there were always birds sitting menacingly on fences, just watching, biding their time. I have moved on to Vertigo. Our highest building is three storeys, so I should be OK.


- I have always been described as having eclectic taste, from Frank Sinatra to ACDC, but I would have to choose Counting Crows (pictured) as my favourite band, with This Desert Life my favourite album. I do like what I've done there, linked it back to deserts and the birds. I feel at this point I should state I am not an ornithologist, I really don't know a red-billed chough from a pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. (A little bird humour - look it up!)


- I love all sorts of books on a number of topics, depending on my mood. As this is for TESS, I feel at some point I should mention school stuff. Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've Got Google? by Ian Gilbert is an excellent book, which I would recommend every teacher reads, as we should all be thinking deeply about education.


- I have a confession to make. I am only addicted to two things, chocolate and my Twitter app. This may seem sad, but in a choice between chocolate and Twitter, I think we all know what would go - and it's not chocolate.

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