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In My Own Time

Barry Fisher, Scotland director of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Barry Fisher, Scotland director of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award


- I don't read enough books, but I did get a fantastic one at Christmas, The Auld Mug: The Scots and the America's Cup by Len Paterson. As a sailor, this is a fascinating account of how Scottish boat designers, two Greenock fishermen, along with the grocery magnate Sir Thomas Lipton from Glasgow, were key characters during the golden age of sailing - another inspiring example of how Scots made their mark around the world. Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner is also a great read, which helps you view the world in a slightly different way and approach problems laterally.


- A pretty eclectic iPod mix ranges from Biffy Clyro (as above) to Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony. Playing clarinet at school ensured a great love for classical music, but living on Arran gave me a love for traditional music. I like Treacherous Orchestra, whose debut album, Origins, is a blend of intoxicating Scottish reels and moody melodies, with a modern twist.


- I enjoy Newsnight and Newsnicht, and used to enjoy Question Time, but I feel the standard of debating has declined as the characters in politics have reduced. The wit and informal presentation of issues in This Week is much more appealing. It is a pity it's on so late on a Thursday.


- I love the East Lothian coast and taking my young family down to Tyninghame Beach near Dunbar - the mix of woodland followed by rocky headlands and sandy beach. It's the perfect spot for the Sunday walk to clear the head before a busy week. A note of caution, though - the mud and sand left in the back of the car will end in major car wash.

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