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In My Own Time - Ciara Gibson

Principal teacher at Grandtully Primary, Perth and Kinross

Principal teacher at Grandtully Primary, Perth and Kinross


- Some recent favourites have included the Dark Knight trilogy and Stardust. I'm a fan of animation too, particularly the Toy Story trilogy from Pixar and Spirited Away from Studio Ghibli. Cult classics Teenwolf, the Back to the Future trilogy and The Flight of Dragons are much-loved films that I will always return to.


- Radiohead was the band I grew up listening to, so will always be a favourite. I've seen them live several times. But the best gig I've been to was Leonard Cohen at Edinburgh Castle. The atmosphere was electric, and when he spoke you could have heard a pin drop - he has amazing presence. While individual songs fall in and out of favour, there are some artists I'll never tire of. Neil Young, King Creosote, The Flaming Lips and Idlewild make up my current playlist.


- I can find it hard to focus on reading fiction during term time, and instead turn to books that enhance my hobbies; my shelves are stacked with cookery and knitting books. I have a particular interest in baking and have been reading up on a variety of bread-making techniques. Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet is my new favourite.


- TV box sets are a bit of an obsession - shows with a rich plot and strong characters where watching one episode is never enough. The Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica, and The Shield have been past favourites, and I am engrossed in Homeland and The Walking Dead. While I enjoy really getting into a series, I also have room for lighter entertainment such as The Great British Bake Off and repeats of Friends. Out of Doors on BBC Radio Scotland is my preferred radio programme - great to wake up to at the weekend.

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