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In My Own Time - Rosemary Delargy

Headteacher at Crossgates Primary in Fife

Headteacher at Crossgates Primary in Fife


I like a very eclectic range. As an amateur musician, I can find myself playing a Beethoven symphony at a concert and coming home in the car listening to The Stone Roses. I'm always flicking between Classic FM and Capital Radio. I do enjoy playing music more than listening, and keep my hand in all over Fife and Edinburgh. Classically, my heroes are Dvorak, Bizet, Elgar, and of course Mozart. Alternatively, the late, great Amy Winehouse, or Lloyd Cole.


With two young kids, recent cinema outings have mostly been to the big- budget animations. I really loved Coraline - very dark. All-time favourite movies include School of Rock, Shallow Grave, Pulp Fiction, Gone with the Wind, Amadeus, Trainspotting and Gregory's Girl.


I enjoy finding out what makes a person tick and read more biographies than fiction. I've recently read about the lives of Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Jacqueline du Pre: all tragic but hugely talented figures. I also love the writing of Caitlin Moran and Irvine Welsh. All-time fiction favourites include To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone With the Wind and On the Road - can't wait for the movie.


I enjoy current affairs and satire, in particular Question Time and This Week, as it doesn't take itself too seriously. I love the ouchy bits in The Thick of It - Peter Capaldi embodies that character fantastically. I also like getting a laugh at the folk who put themselves up for Come Dine with Me. The Sex in the City box set is the only one I own - serious clothes envy! I loved the Olympics coverage - recently returned from fantastic trip to London, and have been bitten by the summer 2012 bug.

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