My Secret Camera

(Photograph) - First the Nazis forced the Jewish residents of Lodz and its surroundings into the ghetto. Then, on May 1, 1940, they sealed off the filthy, cramped slum from the rest of the city. Then they forced the 164,000 inhabitants into slavery, starvation, and deportation to death camps. Finally, in August 1944, as defeat loomed, the Nazis liquidated the ghetto by despatching the Jews o Auschwitz and razing the buildings to the ground. Yet some photographs, taken in those years at great personal danger by Mendel Grossman, remain. They can be seen at the museum of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and in a new book, My Secret Camera, life in the Lodz Ghetto (frances Lincoln pound;12.99). Above all, the pictures show the depth of human love in the face of savage oppression VN

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