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My time off

Emma MacDonald, 10, starts her final year at Broom Leys Primary School in Coalville, Leicestershire, next term.

I've already been on holiday. I went to Mablethorpe to stay with my auntie. She invited me, my brother and sister and my Mum and Dad for a week. There's a massive fair at Mablethorpe - it's brilliant. My favourite rides are the Waltzer and the Big Wheel.

I went swimming every day in a huge indoor pool with a massive slide - I didn't go to the beach or see the sea all week.

I love playing football, tennis and basketball. My favourite sport is football. I'm a good player. I play in a girls' team at school. Before the summer we had a six-a-side competition - boys against girls. The boys won 3-0.

I play football at Greenhill Youth Club with my friends over the summer. Some girls think that I'm a tomboy but I don't mind.

I can't think of anything bad about the summer except that the only place that we can go to is the youth centre. We haven't got a cinema or anything. If I could put anything in Coalville, I'd put a park and a football pitch.

My dream way to spend the summer would be in Australia. I watch Neighbours and Home and Away on television and that makes me want to go to there. I think it would be really hot and nice. I'd take my teacher, Mrs Ward, with me because she goes every year and she'd know all the best places to go.

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