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My time off

Simone Noel, 9, will be in Year 5 at St Mary's School in Westbourne Park, West London.

The best thing about the summer will be taking part in the Notting Hill Carnival. This will be my first time. My costume has got blue and white diamond patches going all the way up it and one sleeve that has got lots of feathers on it. The other one is just normal.

I'm going camping in August for a week but it's not a proper holiday. I'm going to the New Forest with my friends and people from my play centre. I know what it's going to be like because they showed us pictures. You can choose if you stay in houses or in tents. I chose a tent because I want to see how it feels staying outside.

I know that when you go camping you see lots of bugs and they crawl around when you're sleeping. You feel the cold as well.

I can do contemporary jazz dance. I can also play the recorder, the piano and a bit of the guitar, so I'm going to practise over summer as well.

The worst thing about the summer is that it's going to rain a lot. Sometimes I get bored too. I like to go swimming, go to my friend's house or go to the park.

The best thing about going back to school is meeting your friends and teachers. People have to change school because they've been naughty or they haven't been in school for a long time. I'm staying at my school next year.

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